Counseling Couples in Orange County, Corona & Riverside Through Cancer or Illness

Whether one of you is going through cancer or illness, or you have a child who is facing this immense challenge, couples counseling can be a helpful first step. I focus on how the diagnosis has affected the individual, the couple, and the overall family system. My approach utilizes three modalities: medical family therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapt (ACT), and the Gottman Method. My goals are yours; sometimes that means working toward improving your relationship, and sometimes that means figuring out how to navigate through new waters. All couples are welcome!

Presenting Concerns

• Communication difficulties
• Adjustment to a new role
• Sexual intimacy dissatisfaction
• Conflict, bickering & arguing
• Lack of emotional connection
• Infidelity (emotional and/or sexual affair)

Treatment Approach

My approach to a couple's relationship uses the Gottman Method, a 30+ year, evidence-based treatment modality that focuses on positive communication, improved connection, relationship longevity, and healthy conflict resolution. I also pay close attention to each partner's love language, childhood attachment to caregivers, and communication patterns learned from parental figures. In all cases, the effects of a medical diagnosis are also factored into my couples' treatment plans.

Duration & Pricing

Sessions run 60-90 minutes, which allows for both partners to express their concerns and process emotions. Pricing is on a sliding scale based on net household income and is affordable for most income levels. We do not accept insurance as payment, but we can provide you with a monthly super bill for filing for reimbursement from your insurance.

couple therapy counseling cancer illness orange county, ca
couple therapy counseling cancer illness orange county, ca